Chief of Hamas Air Force Killed in Israeli Airstrike
Chief of Hamas Air Force Killed in Israeli Airstrike

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Saturday that they killed a high-ranking member of the Hamas terrorist organization in a late-night airstrike in the Gaza Strip, as reported by The Israel media. The operation resulted in the demise of Murad Abu Murad, who led Hamas's airborne division. The strike specifically targeted the command center overseeing the group's aerial operations. The operation targeted a strategic headquarters from which Hamas coordinated its aerial operations in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Air Force officials emphasized that Murad Abu Murad played a substantial role in directing terrorists during a devastating incident that occurred last Saturday. In an official statement posted on the platform "X," the Israeli Air Force declared, "Furthermore, in the past 24 hours, our fighter jets conducted a surgical strike on the operational nerve center of the terrorist organization Hamas, which oversaw the coordination of the organization's aerial activities. This operation resulted in the elimination of Murad Abu Murad, the head of the air unit in Gaza City, who played a pivotal role in directing terrorists during the deadly attack on Saturday."

Additionally, multiple airstrikes were carried out overnight, targeting various sites belonging to Hamas's commando forces, the same units responsible for the infiltration into Israel on October 7, as reported by The Times of Israel. The Israeli Air Forces asserted that both the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli Air Forces remain committed to taking necessary action to safeguard the State of Israel from the Hamas terrorist organization.

In a subsequent announcement posted on platform "X," the Israeli Air Force disclosed, "Last night, IAF fighter jets conducted extensive strikes across the Gaza Strip, hitting numerous Hamas terror-related targets, including 'Nukhba' terrorist operatives assembled at a staging ground within the Gaza Strip."

The Israeli Air Force delivered another update on platform "X," stating, "A short time ago, IDF soldiers identified a terrorist cell attempting to infiltrate Israeli territory from Lebanon. An IAF UAV swiftly targeted the terrorist cell, resulting in the elimination of multiple terrorists."

In the most recent update on the Israel-Hamas conflict, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces, reported on Saturday that people in the Gaza Strip have heeded Israel's warnings and are making responsible choices. He noted a significant movement of Palestinian civilians toward the southern region, illustrating the evolving dynamics in the ongoing conflict.

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