'Doctor Strange' actress and her husband get this punishment in child sex abuse case

Marvel cinema 'Doctor Strange' actress Zara Phythian was sentenced to eight years in prison by  Nottingham Crown Court on Monday. It is being said that this case of Abuse is related to the years 2005 and 2008. She was found guilty in a sexual abuse case with a girl between the ages of 13 and 15. Zara Phythian appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday and the jury found her guilty and decided to award the sentence.   

Husband sentenced to 14 years in prison: According to media reports, Zara Phythian's husband Victor Marque was sentenced to 14 years in prison for torturing the same victim and misbehaving with another girl. Both are now about to sign on the register of sex offenders and they are going to be forbidden to work with the children anytime again.   

The two were sentenced together:  Reports say that the actress' husband cried when he saw people in Marque's public gallery. The actress on the other hand had sat on a seat and looked at her husband looking restless. She smiled as she waved at someone in the public gallery.

Seeing Marke cry, Judge Mark Watson has said that Markey was the "driving force behind the abuse". Judge Marke Watson has told Marque that I consider you as the driving force behind the abuse. You are pretending to be a sleeping person even though you know clearly about the first incident. While pronouncing the sentence, Judge Mark Watson has told the couple that he believes that the beginning of the sexual abuse of the joint victim was pre-planned.

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