Child welfare rescued a minor girl who got married to a 40 years old man


A minor girl from Telangana was married to a 40-year-old person was rescued by the district child welfare department on Monday.

B. Padmaja Ramana who works as a district welfare officer said that they have rescued the girl. They have filed the case against Devaruppula sub-inspector Narender Reddy who failed to prevent the marriage between the minor and Ashok. The marriage stands suspended and they are trying to collect the evidence against all the accused. Ashok the 40 years old man is a farmer, he is already married.

The incident is already in light of the police officials knowing this they didn’t stop the old man from getting married to a minor.

Achyuta Rao,child rights activist said that they have demanded stringent action against the SI. He should be made co-accused. Despite being a ‘child marriage prohibition officer’, he supported the child marriage and helped the accused.”

The accused farmer Ashok could face a charge of rape for which the maximum punishment is life in prison. Those who performed the wedding and supported it will be tried under the Child Marriage Prohibition Act. The husband can face rigorous imprisonment for two years and fine up to Rs 1 lakh.

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