Third wave of corona even more deadly for children, know what is the whole truth

After the second wave of covid in the country, it is speculated that the third wave of corona may also hit soon and the third wave is the most vulnerable to children. All the reports claim that the third wave is becoming a problem for children. It has been revealed that there is no conclusive evidence that children will be more affected in the third wave of covid. The report prepared by the Lancet Corona India Task Force says there is no conclusive evidence that the third wave of covid can affect children more.

The report says that most children do not have corona symptoms and are asymptomatic, children are showing light reactivity. Children are experiencing fever and breathing problems, as well as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain. About 2600 children who are hospitalized have been taken for the same, these children are below 10 years of age. These children are from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi NCR Region. The report has been prepared on the basis of this by collecting the information of these children. According to the report, the mortality rate in these hospitals is only 2.4 percent, out of the children who have died, 40 percent were sick.

9 percent of the infected children admitted to the hospital had serious illness.  Almost the same figures have been seen in both the waves of Covid. AIIMS doctors Shefali Gulati, Sushil K Kabra and Rakesh Lodha have made significant contributions to the research. Kabra said less than 5 percent of covid infected children need to be admitted and 2 percent of the admitted deaths have been made. For example, if one lakh children were infected, only 500 children had to be admitted, out of which only 10 have died. There are also causes of death, including diabetes, cancer, anemia, malnutrition. Mortality rate is very rare in normal children.

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