Children under 5 years old in Israel will be vaccinated in April

According to a top health official in Israel, vaccines for babies and children aged six months to five years will begin in April.

Vaccines for adults and children aged five and up are now accessible in the nation. "Vaccines are currently accessible in Israel for children aged five and up. In a briefing to foreign politicians and media this week, Dr. Asher Shalmon, the Health Ministry's head for international relations, said, "I believe it will be expanded for any age above six months by April this year."

According to the media reports, US manufacturer Pfizer is undertaking clinical trials to reduce the permitted age for its vaccination from five to six months. Last month, Pfizer announced that "no safety issues were discovered" in its continuing trial of children aged six months to five years, and that the vaccine "demonstrated a favourable safety profile."

The company is presently testing reactions to a three-dose regimen for children under the age of five, after discovering that a two-dose method elicited a robust response in children aged 6-24 months but not so much in children aged two to five years, according to the article.

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