20 minutes after being cut to pieces, Cobra snake avenges its death, know how
20 minutes after being cut to pieces, Cobra snake avenges its death, know how

Beijing: When and which form of death comes, it cannot be said. Death is the greatest truth of human life. More than 1 million people die every year in the world due to snake bites. But recently a case has come to light from China in which a cobra bit the chef to death 20 minutes after his death. In fact, the snake's severed head was served on the plate in China, and the snake's severed head from the same plate bit the chef. In South China, soups made from cobra snakeskin are fondly consumed. The skin of this poisonous snake is removed and its pork is cooked and souped. But making cobra soup for chef Peng Fan, who lives in Foshan, China, became the cause of his death. He died while making cobra soup, which was also due to the bite of an already dead snake.

In fact, cobra soup was sold in Peng's restaurant. People who came to his restaurant drank the soup with great relish. Peng had cut the cobra and placed it in his kitchen on the day of the incident to make its soup. Peng cut the cobra's neck apart and cut the rest of her body into small pieces. After cutting the snake, he started cleaning the kitchen. In the meantime, as soon as Peng picked up the severed head to put it in the dustbin after cutting the snake, the dead cobra bit him. Twenty minutes after the cobra's death, the snake's head was still alive and peng lost his life by its poison. Tell you that the antivenom dose that eliminates cobra poison is present in the market, but it has to be taken immediately. Peng could not get the medicine after being bitten, killing him in half an hour. Many guests had come to the restaurant at the time of the incident to drink the same soup.

Tell you that cobra soup is fondly consumed in many parts of the world except China. 20 minutes after his death, many people could not believe the news that the dead cobra had bitten him. But experts say that's possible. Snake venom remains active in his body. When Peng touched the cobra 20 minutes after it was beheaded after his death, the head bit him. After the incident, people who came to the restaurant to eat left without drinking soup. This strange event is currently in the news.

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