China has such right to keep this country in the dark, Know- what?
China has such right to keep this country in the dark, Know- what?

A country can cut electricity at its own place, but does it have the right to cut the entire electricity of another country. It has been told in the Parliament of the Philippines that China can cut off the power of the entire Philippines if it wants. During the parliamentary session, the National Transmission Corporation of the Philippines has confirmed the possibility of this happening. This came to light when a senator in Parliament asked if China's dominating ambitions could pose a threat to the Philippines. It was then revealed in response that it is possible for China to stop supplying electricity to the Philippines.

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Senator Richard Garden pointed out, "We have allocated 40 percent of our grid to a foreign corporation (a Chinese company) that could lead to a conflict of interest with our country in the western Philippines Sea and that country has dominating ambitions." However, the Senate also said that power can be cut but the Philippines can restart it in 24 to 48 hours. China has a stake in the National Grid of the Philippines since 2009. There has also been a long-standing dispute between the Philippines and China over the South China Sea.

Senator Risa Ontiveros asked in the House on Tuesday that by giving control of the NGCP to China 'is it possible that our power grid can be shut down anytime'. In response, Senate Committee on Energy Sherwin Gatchalian said, "This is possible given the technological advances in telecommunications and software." Sherwin Gatchalian referenced the advice of Melco Metibag, president of Transco. Transco owns the grid.

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Gatchalian said that when the NGCP was privatized, many security arrangements were made. In certain circumstances, the President has the right to take control and after that, the power can come back in 24 to 48 hours. They also include situations of war, rebellion, public crisis and disaster. Senator Risa Ontiveras also asked for reports that only foreign engineers can fix power supply malfunctions as AGPC's power transmission network is in China. At the same time, he also raised the point of having manuals in the language of China. Senator Gatchalian said in response that the people of the Philippines have control over the transmission of electricity and the manual has been translated into English.

In a few years, China has invested heavily in many parts of the world at a rapid pace. Under this investment, China has bought private companies, property, buildings and large infrastructure projects such as ports and bridges. At the same time, China has also invested heavily in the energy sector. Risa Ontiveros said during the session that China's NARI Group Corporation provides remote control systems for power grids in Kenya, Indonesia, and Thailand. Also said, "From the experience of those countries, we can learn reassurance or caution."

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