China Condemns EU Tariffs on Electric Vehicles, Warns of Economic Harm
China Condemns EU Tariffs on Electric Vehicles, Warns of Economic Harm

China has strongly criticized the European Union's decision to impose additional tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, warning that it could severely impact Europe's own interests. The Chinese foreign ministry, through spokesman Lin Jian, condemned the move as an act of protectionism that contradicts the principles of the market economy and international trade rules. The EU's decision, expected to be implemented on Wednesday, involves imposing tariffs that could be as high as 25 percent on top of the existing 10 percent duty.

"This action undermines China-EU economic and trade cooperation, as well as the stability of the global automobile production and supply chain," Lin Jian stated. He urged the EU to uphold its commitment to free trade and oppose protectionism, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between China and the EU in maintaining overall economic and trade interests.

Europe's automotive sector, which includes renowned brands like Mercedes and Ferrari, is crucial to its industrial base. However, it faces significant challenges from the shift away from combustion engines and China's leadership in electric vehicles. Last year, Brussels initiated an investigation into Chinese subsidies for electric cars, claiming they unfairly undercut European manufacturers.

In response to the looming threat of EU tariffs, the Chinese government's statement underscores the potential negative impact on Europe's automotive industry and urges reconsideration of the decision to safeguard mutual economic interests.

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