This man cures diseases by putting the patients on fire
This man cures diseases by putting the patients on fire

You treat diseases with medicines or herbs. You must have seen such doctors, but have you ever seen anyone treating diseases by setting fire to the body? Today we are telling you about such therapy where it is treated by setting fire to the body. It would be surprising to know that something similar happens in China. It is a remedy that has been in use in China for more than 100 years. 

The therapy that is going on in China is called 'Fire Therapy'. Fire therapy is used to treat many diseases in China. 'Zhang Fenghao', who treats people with this method, is very popular for his work. He has cured many people with this therapy. At the same time, some people in China consider fire therapy as a special treatment, from which stress, depression, indigestion and infertility to cancer are considered possible. That is, if you adopt this therapy, it can be beneficial for you.

Let us tell you about Zhang Fenghao, he treats people in this unique way in a small apartment in Beijing. According to one website, first a paste made of herbs is applied on the patient's back and then it is covered with a towel. Then it is sprayed with water and alcohol and the patient's body is set on fire. Many diseases are treated like this.

Actually, this method of treatment is based on the ancient beliefs of China, according to which the emphasis has been placed on harmonizing the heat and coolness in the body. According to Zhang Fenghao, the top surface of the body is heated by removing the coolness inside. Zhang Fenghao says that many times people have also been hurt, many times the patient's face and other parts of the body were also slightly burnt, but this was due to lack of proper methods. He taught fire therapy to thousands of people, but no accident ever happened.

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