Coronavirus become threat to lives of animals after humans, Know reason
Coronavirus become threat to lives of animals after humans, Know reason

Beijing: The fear of coronavirus spreading in China is now increasing continuously all over the world. Apart from the people, now the coronavirus has also become a problem for animals. Especially in some areas of China, pet lives have become a disaster. It is also being said that since these people have come to know that the virus can be spread by pets too since then people are either leaving their pets outside the house or somewhere far away.

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Those living in multi story buildings are getting rid of these pets permanently. They are throwing these pets down from the balcony of their building, which is causing their death. In the last few days, more than a dozen such cases have been reported in China. Many complaints are also reaching the local police about such pets being found dead on the road. Many websites have also published such news.

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Where - Dead animals found on the road: A pet dog was thrown from the high towers in Tianjin city of Hubei province of China, due to which he died. Pet dog was found dead on the road, blood was also found scattered near it. Similarly, 5 cats were also killed in Shanghai by throwing them from high towers. Local people say that till now people who were keeping these animals on their beds in their homes, are now throwing it from the high tower balcony and throwing them to death. It is clear from looking at the condition of these animals that these were domesticated because their condition appears to be quite different from the stray animals roaming on the road. On Saturday, February 1, 2020, a pet dog was thrown down from the tower of the high building which fell on the sunroof from a car parked below, due to which the car's sunroof broke, this voice was heard by the locals. Heard, when they got out and saw a pet dog fell on their car.

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