China discovered vaccine for coronavirus, stage 3 trial of this vaccine done in Britain

Jun 01 2020 01:59 PM
China discovered vaccine for coronavirus, stage 3 trial of this vaccine done in Britain

The coronavirus has deeply injured the whole world. Due to which every country is exerting all its strength to emerge. But the country from which the virus was spread is now preparing to discover the vaccine. Chinese scientists have claimed to make 99 percent effective vaccine for the coronavirus. Preparations are underway to make 10 million doses of this vaccine. This vaccine has been developed by Beijing-based biotech company 'Synovac'. Trial is going on in more than one thousand volunteers in China. However, now the stage 3 trial of this vaccine is being done in Britain.

Apart from this, when the question was asked to the researchers who prepared the vaccine, whether this vaccine would work. In response, researchers Luo Baishan said that it will prove to be effective up to 99 percent. At present, the company is testing stage 2 of the vaccine, but there is a shortage of volunteers due to the low incidence of corona infection in China. After this, the researchers have decided to try it in Europe. The company 'Synovac' has said that we are in talks with many countries in Europe for trials. Talks have also been done with the UK. However, the conversation is still in its initial stage. The company is also setting up a plant in Beijing. About 10 crore doses will be prepared in this plant.

In its statement, 'Synovac' says that the use of this vaccine will be first on patients with high risk. During this time it will be used on health workers and older people. However, stage 2 trials will take months now. The regulatory approval of the vaccine should also be told that in early May, the big drug company AstraZeneca had said to provide 100 crore doses of the vaccine made by B. Oxford University. In its statement, the company said that it will be available by September. The company said that the vaccine would be able to treat half of the UK population.

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