China Mars Mission: China's Mars rover Zhurong sends incredible selfies
China Mars Mission: China's Mars rover Zhurong sends incredible selfies

The Tianwen-1 stayed for three months long in Mars’s orbit, studying the landing sites. In the month May, with all calculations of the landing sites, the lander/rover successfully landed. On 14 May 2021, rover made its descent landing in the designated landing zone.

The successful landing was confirmed by China after which the rover transmitted images back. China’s rover named as Zhurong recently sends in some incredible images in which the lander Tianwen-1 standing next to each other. China does not have any other rover on Mars but the rover Zhurong and the lander Tianwen-1. China’s rover does not have a long arm like the ones on NASA’s rovers. NASA rovers can take selfies because their rovers Curiosity and Perseverance have extendable arms with a wide lens camera. They can extend the arm to capture images away from themselves while China’s Zhurong rover does not have any such arms. Instead China installed a detachable camera, that the rover can place at a distance and then remotely take pictures.

Talking about the rover, Zhurong is also entirely powered by solar energy and uses an array of solar panels to recharge the onboard batteries. This is not the most viable solution as the red planet frequently experiences dust storms, which would lead to the dust build-up on the solar panels leading to low power generation.

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