China publishes a white paper pledging its "greatest sincerity" regarding the unification of Taiwan

BEIJING: In response to an unannounced visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Beijing has stressed its "greatest sincerity" for peaceful reunification with Taiwan as exercises intensify around the self-governing island.

The Taiwan issue and China's reunification in the new era is the title of a white paper jointly published Wednesday by the Office of Taiwan Affairs and the Information Office, both parts of Beijing's State Council. It reiterates Beijing's claims on the island and criticizes efforts for "Taiwan independence".

The document, which is divided into five sections, reiterates Beijing's resolve to reconnect with the island, but takes a generally favorable stance by emphasizing better cross-strait communications.

The newspaper said that after reunification, other nations and Taiwan could continue to develop their economic and cultural ties. With the permission of the Chinese central government, those countries were allowed to open consulates or semi-official agencies in Taiwan, and international organizations were allowed to open offices there.

"We will act with the utmost sincerity and do our best to achieve a peaceful reunification," the newspaper declared.

However, we reserve the right to take any necessary action and will not abandon the use of force. This is done to prevent any outside interference and separatist activities. It added that it does not in any way target our Chinese neighbors in Taiwan.

If separatist elements or external forces ever cross our red line, we will have only one option but to retaliate with drastic measures.

Soon after Pelosi left on August 3, the People's Liberation Army began its extended exercises across the island on Thursday.
According to the newspaper, "some forces" in the US are attempting to "use Taiwan as a pawn against China".

According to the statement, if left unchecked, it would further escalate tensions in the Taiwan Strait, sour Sino-US relations and seriously endanger US interests.

It reiterated its call for Taiwan's reunification and a "one country, two systems" model of governance.

Overcoming the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, an emphasis on holding cross-strait exchanges such as the Straits Forum, and maintaining the development of exchanges and cooperation between compatriots on both sides of the strait, are among the goals outlined in the paper.

Pelosi defended her choice to visit Taiwan and insisted it was worthwhile.

"We can't allow Taiwan to be isolated by the Chinese government. They can tell them they can't go to the WHO, but they won't tell them who can go to Taiwan," she told NBC on Tuesday. Said in an interview.
And yes, it paid off. Additionally, what the Chinese are doing is standard for them.

Pelosi said her visit received "tremendous bipartisan support".

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