Here people are earning millions by drinking alcohol in front of camera, become rich overnight.

In the time of the Internet, many people have succeeded in getting money and fame for themselves by live streaming online. Many people have been able to build their fan base by playing only games at home, giving reviews of products. However, the new trend unfolding in China is frightening in many ways. In China, many people have been streaming live online for some time now. In these videos, these people consume intoxicating items like beer, whiskey, wine, and rum and then entertain their fans in a state of intoxication. Due to this, the popularity of these people is also increasing.

Many people who live-streamed by alcohol have also created millions of fan bases. There are many of them who drink and stream online four to five times a week so that they continue to provide new content to their viewers and add new followers. However, even though these people are earning thousands and millions, due to this, these people are also putting their health in jeopardy. Let us know that in the year 2019, a person used to drink alcohol and oil on a live video in front of the camera. In order to earn money, this person started doing many strange feats.

Due to this, this person was also killed, but even his big one has not seen any decrease in this trend. There are some people who drink many bottles of alcohol with very high content. Due to this, the situation of these people in front of the camera starts to deteriorate, but even after this, they keep doing such tests to earn money continuously. Significantly, last year, China's administration banned certain types of videos. In these videos, people used to eat a lot of food sitting in front of the camera and this trend was becoming very popular in China, but the government banned this type of live stream.

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