China to get third aircraft carrier by 2025, India to be ready soon
China to get third aircraft carrier by 2025, India to be ready soon

New Delhi: Recently China has recently launched its second and first indigenous aircraft carrier. While this is a big achievement for China, it is a matter of concern for India. This is because India currently has only one aircraft carrier, which India bought from Russia in the year 2004 for $ 974 million. The problem is also that INS Vikramaditya has served in the Russian Navy for many years in the name of Admiral Gorshove. The aircraft carrier weighs about 44,500 tonnes. It has been upgraded for India, despite the fact that it is nearly a decade old aircraft carrier.

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According to information received from sources, it has been learned that while there is another concern for India, China has plans to add ten aircraft vessels to its navy by 2049. The third major concern for India has come from the statement of Naval Chief Admiral Karambir Singh in which he has stated the immediate need for at least three aircraft carriers. They say that we can always keep at least two operational when there are three aircraft carriers. According to him, these aircraft ships weighing 65 thousand tons, should be equipped with electromagnetic applications.

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By 2021, the delivery of these aircraft carriers to India is expected to start. Even after this, it will take another year to include these ships in the Navy. The reason for this is due to their trials in different stages, only after which they will be able to join the Navy. But the truth is that India will have to take fast steps in this direction only then we will be able to present a challenge to China. He has indicated these things in his interview given to a magazine a few days ago.

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