Hong Kong: Voting for the body today, 12 thousand Jawans of the People's Liberation Army will monitor it
Hong Kong: Voting for the body today, 12 thousand Jawans of the People's Liberation Army will monitor it

Voting for the local body elections continues in Hong Kong on Sunday. Long lines are lined outside polling stations for 452 seats in the city's 18 district councils. Councils are largely advisory and have very little power. But these elections have taken on symbolic significance in the province of China. A strong performance by the opposition shows that the public still supports the pro-democracy movement, even the protests have turned violent.

According to media reports, before this there is restless peace. The agitators demanding democracy are quiet but the metropolis is waiting for their next step. Hong Kong Polytechnic University still has some students. The police is not able to reach them and they are not ready to surrender. The students who have run away from the university or come on the streets are also not surrendering to the police. Where they are present in the metropolis. According to an agitating student who has run away from the university, he does not believe that the election on Sunday will be clean. There are a total of 1104 candidates in 452 seats in this election.

A total of 41 lakh voters will decide their fate in this election, Hong Kong has a population of 74 lakhs. For the first time anti-riot force is being deployed at polling stations to conduct elections peacefully. The Metropolitan Police, with 31 thousand soldiers, has been put on full alert. But their deployment will be such that the voters do not get apprehensive. Low number of police personnel will be deployed at the polling centers but they will remain in sufficient numbers at a short distance. It is learned that the army will also be vigilant in view of the voting, but it will not come out of its hideout before the need. The People's Liberation Army has 12,000 personnel stationed at this base in Hong Kong.

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