China forces Uyghur women to marry han men

Aug 02 2020 11:02 AM
China forces Uyghur women to marry han men

Beijing: China has now started composing the game of forced marriage of Uygar women. For which advertisements of Uygar women or girls are being started to attract Han men in China's Xinjiang or East Turkistan region. In an interview, the head of the Campaign for Uigars, Rushan Abbas, said, "This is a government sponsored large-scale rape."

According to the report, Han Chinese members of the Communist Party live with the Uygar families for some time as part of the Chinese government's 'Pair Up and Be Families' campaign. This campaign has been introduced as a campaign to strengthen cultural ties and family ties. But in reality it is keeping an eye on the Uygar families. At the same time, it has been learned that if these families do not discharge Chinese traditions, then their information is given to the authorities. Abbas said that Uygar women are the most affected in these circumstances. In addition to forced marriage, young Uygar women are allegedly sold to Chinese men.

The Trump administration has taken a tough stand on this harassment of China. The US has imposed restrictions on the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp and its commander for alleged atrocities against Uygar Muslims. These restrictions mean that any property of these organizations and individuals in the US can be attached. Not only this, Americans will refuse to do business with them.

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