Photo of Chinese ambassador walking on children's back goes viral
Photo of Chinese ambassador walking on children's back goes viral

Washington: The Chinese Ambassador has proved once again with their antics how much importance China gives to the people of other countries. On social media, a photo of China's ambassador Tang Song gen is becoming increasingly viral, in which he is seen walking on people's backs.

The Chinese ambassador walks on the back of people in Kiribati, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, has caused a worldwide uproar. Children and men have become disenchanted when they became 'red carpet' to welcome Chinese Ambassador Tang Song gen. Questioning this behaviour of a Chinese ambassador, top US ambassador, calls it unacceptable and inhumane. US Naval Officer Constantine Panayiotou criticized China, saying "I can't even imagine someone walking on children's backs". China has defended its ambassador's inhumane act citing 'culture'.

China has erupted after criticism from the US. The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that 'their ambassadors were attending the traditional reception. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijin said that "At the behest of the local government and people of Kiribati, the Chinese ambassador walked on people's backs to discharge following the culture and tradition."




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