Chinese envoy calls for NATO not to fan block confrontation using Ukraine crisis

UNITED NATIONS: China's permanent envoy to the UN has pleaded with NATO not to use the Ukraine issue as a pretext for escalating bloc conflict or a new Cold War.

At a UN Security Council Briefing on Ukraine on Tuesday, Zhang Jun stated, "The Ukraine issue has once again raised the alarm for the globe." "Security cannot be divided. The growth of military alliances, naive reliance on one's position of strength, and the pursuit of one's own security at the expense of those of other nations would ultimately result in security dilemmas "Zhang said.

In addition to failing to increase Europe's security after the Cold War, NATO's five eastward expansions also planted the seeds of conflict, which is a lesson worth considering,  Zhang said.

"Long ago, the Cold War came to an end. In order to construct a balanced, effective, and long-lasting European security framework in accordance with the premise of indivisible security, NATO must entirely renounce the Cold War mentality that is built on bloc confrontation and reevaluate its own positions and obligations "he said.

According to the ambassador, China closely monitors NATO's strategic shift and is extremely concerned about the political ramifications of its so-called "Strategic Concept."  Zhang emphasised that NATO itself has caused trouble in several parts of the world, citing recent statements made by some NATO officials portraying other nations as threats. 

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