#CoronaVirus: Now Chinese people are eating meat of this animal to save their lives

Feb 13 2020 03:36 PM
#CoronaVirus: Now Chinese people are eating meat of this animal to save their lives

New Delhi: China's health system is completely destroyed at this time. No effective treatment of coronavirus has been prepared yet. In such a situation, the Chinese are returning to their grandmother and grandmother's tips. Doctors themselves are also asking to emphasize on the use of traditional remedies to prevent this virus. In such a situation, Chinese people are adopting many types of tips to save their lives.

Due to no solid cure for coronavirus, now Chinese doctors have started adopting old prescriptions. In such a situation, turtle meat is being fed to corona virus-infected patients in all the hospitals of China. Chinese scientists believe that there is a lack of power in the body due to this infection. In such a situation, turtle meat provides high protein to the body. According to media reports, all the hospitals in China which have coronavirus patients are essentially being given turtle meat at dinner.

According to the information received, people infected with the virus are now trusting their old treatment method more than allopathy medicines. These days bull's horn powder and other herbal medicines are being used more. Indigenous drug stores in China are becoming more crowded than other medical stores.

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