Chocolates are do healthy,don't stop your children from eating chocolates

That angry moment when someone stops you from eating chocolates saying it to be unhealthy or giving you the dentist fear. Well now its the time to shut their mouths because yes ! you heard it right , chocolates are do healthy. The advantages of eating chocolates are :-

• Chocolates lowers cholesterol : according to study chocolates helps in reducing cholosterol also known as " bad fats " which nowadays has become a major problem causing element for the foodies.

• Sharp Memory : chocolates help to remember things for longer period of time. Drinking hot chocolate keeps the brain healthy.

• Improves blood flow : Drinking hot chocolate also increases the blood flow keeping the brain active.

• Prevents heart attacks : consuming chocolate reduces the situation for heart attacks till one third thus encouraging older people to eat chocolate.

• Protects skin against sun : the compounds present in the dark chocolate is beneficial for your skin. It also protects you from sun induced damages.

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