Chris Choklate and Leeda H join hands yet again for a new track under the former's new record label.

Choklate City Music Group will be launched in 2022 by Chris Choklate and J Hind.

There are so many success stories across the world that exude a different level of brilliance and excellence, especially when we learn about how young talents leave no stone unturned to take their niches to the next level of success. These innate skills and talents in them lead them to create milestones in their industries and infuse more motivation and inspiration in many other budding talents of the world. Can anyone deny that the music space overflows with many such astute musical talents? Well, Chris Choklate and Leeda H are great examples of such musical artists.

The latest we know about both of them is that yet again; they will be joining hands for a new track, which is going to be released under the newest music label by Chris Choklate and J Hind, called "Choklate City Music Group". This new record label is all set to get launched in 2022, with a vision to take over the music field in multiple ways and offer audiences something unique with each of its projects.

Chris says that Choklate City Music Group is a vision not just for the desi industry but for all the artists, music creators and music lovers all around the world. Talking more in detail about the artwork of the logo of the music label, Chris says it comes from his name, which is meant to be "chocolate", and J Hind's idea to add "city" to give visuals. Hence, the logo gives the effect of a chocolate bar with famous high-rise buildings from different cities coming out of the same, which eventually makes it look like a "Chocolate City".

The motion logo of the music label is also incredible; it starts with a normal-looking chocolate bar, and then as the wrapper gets peeled off, the famous high-rises emerge like the Opera House, Chrysler building, Empire State building, Tapei 101, Burj Khalifa and Willis Tower.

The first song to be released via the new platform will be a UK-Australia connection featuring Raxstar and Chris Choklate's very own Leeda H, which will be the latter's first-ever drill track.

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