Chrissy Teigen says
Chrissy Teigen says "Watching a company grow makes me happy"

Hollywood's finest actress, Chrissy Teigen, recently targeted Alison Roman. Indeed, a food writer has claimed that her website, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, was "a content farm." Alison had previously commented on Chrissy's success in an article published by the New Consumer on Thursday. During that time she said, "to see that thing in my hand being used by people around the world makes me so happy. Watching a company grow makes me happy. I get joy from it and lots of people do."

She further said "I don't think I've ever been so bummed out by the words of a fellow food-lover. I just had no idea I was perceived that way, by her especially. And Marie, too. Marie is awesome."

She launched her husband John's projects independently on the page. Chrissy said, "I started craving because I wanted something for myself. I wanted John not to buy anything, I wanted something that would calm me down, make me happy, and make others happy too." Give. Craving is not 'machine' or 'farming. It is me and 2 other women.' Chrissy further said, "I didn't 'sell' my dreams coming true and to be in a cookware line, to start being a part of that process, to make something out of sketches in my hands, I was ready because I love them all."

He further said, 'Hi @chrissyteigen! I sent an email but also wanted to say here that I’m genuinely sorry I caused you to pain with what I said. I shouldn’t have used you /your business (or Marie’s!) as an example to show what I wanted for my own career- it was flippant, careless and I’m so sorry".

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