Christina Koch returns safely after spending a record 328 days in space
Christina Koch returns safely after spending a record 328 days in space

New Delhi: US astronaut Christina Koch has returned to Earth safely on Thursday after her name of the longest living woman in space. The US space agency NASA has reported that along with Ms. Koch, European Space Agency astronauts Luka Paramitano and Russian astronaut Alexander Skvortsov are back.

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The trio started the return journey at 11.20 am according to Indian time and their plane landed southeast from Jejkazgan city in Kazakhstan at 2.42 pm three hours 22 minutes later. NASA has informed that the research and experiments conducted during the space flight of Ms. Koch, who left for the mission on March 14, 2019, will help in the study about the effect on women of long-term space travel which will come from NASA's upcoming lunar The mission and Mars will prove to be important for the preparation of the mission.

This astronaut made a record by spending 328 days in space

After the landing, three space passengers will be medically examined. After this he will go to Karaganda, Kazakhstan. All three will be transported to their country from there. Ms. Koch has done many scientific experiments and missions by staying in the International Space Station for 328 days.

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