Church was running in rented warehouse, people outraged over conversion

New Delhi: The church was being operated by renting a godown in Delhi's Dwarka area. Where locals and Bajrang Dal workers lashed out. When the matter reached the police, the police went to the spot and took into custody two persons who were creating a ruckus. However, it was later released on the recommendation of a BJP MP.

The case is of the Bindapur area of Dwarka district. Where there is an area adjacent to a village. Which has most factories. That's where the church is being run in a warehouse. There were some locals who went and started creating a ruckus. People protested at the church gate and started shouting slogans. Meanwhile, the police were informed. When the police reached the spot, there was an uproar. During that time a lot of people were inside the church. Which were taken out. According to the information, the church has been closed for the time being. 2 policemen have been deployed there.

Local residents say the warehouse was rented by lying. Here was the game of conversion in the name of the church. Children with disabilities were kept there in the name of treatment. Locals and Bajrang dal allege that Hindus were being converted there. Locals allege that all this was happening in connivance with the police. First, the villagers protested, later the Bajrang Dal people also joined it.

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