A fort of India where silver shells were fired on the enemies with cannon

Apr 09 2020 05:13 PM
A fort of India where silver shells were fired on the enemies with cannon

There are many such forts in India, which are known for their many stories. Today we are going to tell you about one such fort, whose information will be surprised. Because the incident that happened there, it has neither happened anywhere else in the world nor will it ever happen. Because of this incident, the name of the fort has been written in golden letters in world history. It is known as 'Churu Fort'. It is located in Churu district of Rajasthan. This fort was built by Thakur Kushal Singh in the year 1694. The motive behind this was to provide self-defense as well as protection to the people of the state.

Let me tell you that this fort is the only fort in the world where silver shells were fired on the enemies with a cannon when the ammunition ran out during the war. This was a very surprising event in history, which took place in the year 1814. At that time, this fort was ruled by Thakur Shivji Singh, a descendant of Thakur Kushal Singh. According to historians, Thakur Shivji Singh's army had 200 infantry and 200 cavalry, but during the war, the number of army suddenly increased, because the people living here were ready to do anything for their king and hence He used to fight enemies like a soldier. Not only this, he used to loot his wealth to protect his king and kingdom.

The year 1814 was the month of August. Raja Surat Singh of the princely state of Bikaner attacked the Churu Fort with his army. Here, Thakur Shivji Singh also competed with his army, but within a few days his ammunition ran out. Now the king became worried, but his subjects supported him and surrendered all their gold and silver to the king to protect the kingdom, after which Thakur Shivji Singh ordered his soldiers to shoot silver shells from the cannon at the enemies. Go. The effect of this was that the enemy army conceded defeat and fled from there. This event is immortal in Churu's history.

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