The actress was struggling with depression after delivery
The actress was struggling with depression after delivery

By the way, actress Claire Holt is known for her beauty. But actress Claire came into the limelight from the film 'The Vampire Diaries'. At the moment, the actress has spoken about depression. Actress Claire Holt has shared talk about her depression after giving birth to her son James. According to foreign media reports, in an Instagram post, Claire has revealed her struggle with postpartum depression.

In this regard, the actress said, "I really suffered from postpartum depression after James was. Breastfeeding was very difficult, James was allergic to cow's milk protein (thankfully now he has come out of it)," She also had trouble sleeping continuously and I was overwhelmed that my friends already had children and I am thankful for their advice, but certainly now at two o'clock at night they call me with all their problems. Or could not message. "

For information, let us tell you that actress Claire is expecting her second child right now.

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