Clash Erupts in Patna-Gaya Main Road: Violence Mars Cultural Event
Clash Erupts in Patna-Gaya Main Road: Violence Mars Cultural Event

In a shocking incident on Tuesday, a clash broke out at the Pabheri Mor under the jurisdiction of the Dhanarua police station on the Patna-Gaya main road. The altercation involved supporters of two different factions affiliated with local legislators. The clash escalated into a violent brawl, including physical assault and gunfire.

Dispute Over Inauguration of Cultural Event Leads to Violence

The incident is reportedly linked to a controversy surrounding the inauguration of a cultural event scheduled for Monday on the occasion of Diwali. One group favored by a legislator was set to inaugurate the program, while another group, aligned with the event committee member Shyam Gope, opposed it.

Brutal Assault at Pabheri Mor

A scuffle ensued, resulting in a member of one group suffering a severe head injury at Pabheri Mor. As news of the incident spread, both groups engaged in a violent clash, involving physical altercations and gunfire. The police, upon receiving information, detained two individuals from one group, leading to public outrage.

Police Face Stone-Pelting, Dhanarua Thana Chief Among Injured

As the police attempted to take two youths into custody, the crowd became agitated, resorting to stone-pelting. In the ensuing chaos, the Dhanarua Thana chief and four other police personnel sustained injuries. Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Shubham Arya arrived at the scene later to bring the situation under control.

Police Launches Investigation; Arrests Expected

Following the violent episode, the police have launched an investigation and are working to identify and apprehend the individuals involved in the clash. Charges related to assaulting the police are also being considered against those who attacked law enforcement officials.

Local Diwali Celebration Takes a Violent Turn

Last Monday, local residents organized a cultural program at Pabheri Mor without administrative approval. The event became a flashpoint for tensions between supporters of the legislator and those aligned with Shyam Gope. The presence of local legislator Rekha Devi at the event further fueled the confrontation.

Shyam Gope's Supporters Clash with Opponents; Gunfire Erupts

Shyam Gope's supporters, angered by the perceived insult, clashed with the opposing group. The altercation escalated, leading to both groups resorting to violence and gunfire, creating panic in the area.

Intervention by Devdaha Panchayat Representatives

Amid the chaos, representatives from the Devdaha Panchayat attempted to mediate and diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, Mithilesh Kumar, the representative of the Devdaha Panchayat chief, suffered a head injury in the process.

Police Seize Sound System; FIRs Registered

In response to the escalating violence, the police arrived at the scene and confiscated the sound system used for the cultural program. FIRs have been registered against individuals involved in the clash, including those who attacked the police.

Shyam Gope's Supporters Accused of Brutal Assault

In a separate incident on Tuesday evening, a group led by Kallu Yadav from one faction confronted Ajay Yadav, a resident of Makhdumpur and a supporter of Shyam Gope. Ajay Yadav was brutally assaulted, sustaining severe head injuries.

Police Injured in Stone-Pelting and Firing Incident

As the news of Ajay Yadav's assault spread, tension flared up, resulting in stone-pelting and firing incidents. Inspector Arvind Kumar, Home Guard Jawan Manoj Kumar Singh, and two other police personnel were injured in the violence.

Injured and Taken to PMCH for Treatment

The seriously injured, including Manoj Kumar Singh, were rushed to PMCH (Patna Medical College and Hospital) for immediate medical attention. The gravity of the injuries prompted the referral of Ajay Yadav to PMCH as well. The violence at Pabheri Mor highlights the escalating tensions within local political circles and the need for prompt and effective law enforcement measures. The police are actively pursuing the investigation, and further arrests are anticipated. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining peace and order during public events.

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