Maharashtra: Cleaning underground chemical tank 3 laborers died
Maharashtra: Cleaning underground chemical tank 3 laborers died

MUMBAI: A case has been reported from Ambernath, Maharashtra where three laborers died undergoing the cleaning process of the chemical tank. The laborers went inside in a gas tank of Easter Chemical Company in the Ambernath area to paint it without any protective gear lost their lives.

The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) fire brigade officials said three laborers died due to suffocation after getting trapped in an underground chemical tank on Saturday. A contractor hired the trio and sent them inside the underground gas tank without any safety gear where inhaling hazardous gas they died on the spot. The three workers are identified as Harshad, Bindesh, and Dinesh who hails from Uttar Pradesh and are daily wage workers in Mumbai. A fire department official also said that “The trio went inside the 30 feet tank situated underground, around 8 am, on Saturday morning. But after some hours when the watchman went to see them, he found them unconscious. They wasted time in hierarchical rules and informed us after two hours of the incident."

The police had sent the bodies for post mortem. Ambernath police officials and the fire team are still investigating the matter. 

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