Clicking on an unknown link may result to empty your bank account

Feb 11 2019 03:20 PM
Clicking on an unknown link may result to empty your bank account

In a recent incident a 52-year-old businessman lost Rs 60,000 from his bank account after clicking on the link sent by an unknown fraudster, pretending to be an official of the income tax department. Police said that the man's smartphone got hacked when he clicked on the link and an application was installed immediately. According to source report, the businessman Harish Chander on September 10, 2018, woke up to see Rs 60,000 has been deducted from his bank account. He also found that the amount had been deducted in two online transactions. Chander said to the website "The OTP that I received on my phone number around 2.30 am, was automatically sent to another number,". He also said that about three days before the incident, he had received a message stating that income tax return was being delayed.


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After receiving the message, Chander decided to finish off the IT return without much delay, and he clicked on the link; an app was immediately installed. The fraudster then hacked the man's smartphone through the app and took away Rs. 60,000 from his account. Following the incident, Chander approached the bank to complain about the alleged loss of money from his account. To which the bank officials informed him that he lost his money as his phone was hacked by the application he had downloaded through the link, reports the website.

However, Chander went to the Sector 10 police station on Wednesday to register an FIR on the incident that occurred on September 10, 2018. Police filed an FIR against the unknown fraudster under section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Acting the complaint, assistant sub-inspector(ASI) Mohammad Azad, the investigating officer in the case, tracked the number to which the OTP was automatically sent, and discovered that the number is registered in Pune.

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