Closeness without getting physical, follow them

May 27 2019 05:09 PM
Closeness without getting physical, follow them

Sometimes just being intimate can become far more fulfilling than sex. Human contact can ease our anxiety and help us to unwind with the release of the stress-relieving hormone. Whether you're waiting until marriage, identify as asexual, or simply wish to find other ways to connect with your partner, these sex alternatives are sure to provide plenty of love and bonding!

Go on a walk

There is nothing more romantic than nature. You will find new interesting things to talk about and maybe even learn something new about your partner that increases your intimacy.

Plan together

Similar to the idea of travelling together, planning together can be a good way to bond with your partner on a different level. When you have to plan a party, a renovation project or simply a day trip to a theme park, you create something to look forward to.

Make-out non-sexually

The power of touch is amazing. It’s instinctual for humans to touch each other as a sign of protection and love. Hugging and massaging are underrated ways to show intimacy. Often we think of these things as touches that could possibly lead up to sex or at least a steamy make-out session.

Have deep conversations

A relationship that consists of shallow, meaningless conversations isn’t a healthy one. You should always be challenging your partner to grow intellectually, and they should be doing the same. Communication is the key to this kind of growth. Discussing the things that you’re passionate about can help you discover things you didn’t know you had in common with your partner.

Learn ballroom dancing

No matter what, you'll be smiling and laughing while learning each other's every move.

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