Clothing brand “Brando Chiesa” continues to take over modern-day fashion scene

Brando Chiesa, the brilliant fashionpreneur and founder of Brando Chiesa, his clothing brand adds on to the glory of the industry.

At the Milan Fashion Week recently, he had introduced two new and refreshing versions of the symbolic chain of his brand.

Churning out new ideas is a great thing indeed, which can help people create more growth for their industries after working around them, but putting in consistent efforts to turn those ideas from paper into action is what the real action is all about in any industry today. The clothing brand that we all know about today named Brando Chiesa is the result of the hard work, great ideas, and visions of one such outstanding fashionpreneur named Brando Chiesa, who knew where he was headed in the fashion world and determinedly kept moving ahead to keep creating more success for him and his brand. At the recent Milan Fashion Week (MFW), he joined hands with Revenant RV NT, known as a sporty clothing brand with a pop-rock aesthetic, and thrilled everyone present at the fashion event with their Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection called the Fashion Nightmare Collection.

Why nightmare, you wonder? Well, fashion lovers and everyone else at the event were in for a visual treat as the photoshoot was done in the woods, giving a horror yet suave appeal. Brando Chiesa, who is already a celebrated celebrity tattoo artist with the brand Brando Chiesa x Revenant RV NT collaboration, treated all fashion lovers with immensely unique designs, transforming his brand’s signature chain into his much-talked-about comic girls’ animation and a skull, instead of a padlock. Not just that, he even reinterpreted the logo of Revenant NT, using sharp pink tones, giving it a gothic look.

1987, Erba-born fashionpreneur recalls how a mesmerizing an experience it was for him and everyone present at the fashion event as the video was shot into the woods, making it a magnificent setting for a fashion showcase.
Check out the Brando Chiesa brand on Instagram @brando__xoxo and follow him too @brandochiesa to know more.

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