CM gave these instructions regarding Mahakal temple construction work and beautification schemes

Ujjain: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan reviewed the works of Mahakal temple complex expansion scheme. Due to this, he said that the work of expansion of the campus should be completed systematically in the next three months. The date of release will be fixed after the completion of these works. The temple will be inaugurated by PM Modi, for which the Chief Minister himself will go to Delhi and invite him. CM Chouhan reviewed the works of expansion plan of Mahakal temple complex Ujjain. CM has given instructions to develop Koti Teerth in Ujjain in such a way that there is a feeling of grandeur and divinity. Keep pure water in Rudrasagar. The whole area looked attractive. Tree plantation work should also be done here as required. Necessary works should be completed soon to increase the beauty of the city. Like Akshardham or other similar pilgrimage places, public attraction should be increased here. May the entire region be the one to see the glory of Mahadev.

Apart from the Mahakal temple, other places should be developed in such a way that the devotees and tourists want to stay for a day or two and after this journey leave from here with a feeling of complete joy and satisfaction. Ujjain District Magistrate Ashish Singh gave a presentation in the meeting held at Mantralaya Bhopal. Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh and senior officers were present in the meeting. In the same Mahakal temple complex, an amount of Rs 425 crore is being spent by the state government in the first and second phases on all the works. At the same time, an amount of 230 crores is being spent by the Government of India. After completion of these works, special facilities will be developed in Mahakal temple complex and other places in Ujjain. The complete work of expansion of the temple complex is also very important from the point of view of the coming Simhastha 2028.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given major instructions related to the construction of the temple complex:-

* Necessary work should be done from the point of view of Simhastha. All work must be of quality.
* Let the water of Rudrasagar be pure.
* There should be development of Koti Tirth. Feel the divinity and grandeur.
* Necessary facilities for tourists and devotees should be continuously increased.
* Waiting room and parking space should be convenient.
   The quality work of Heritage Dharamshala should also be complete.
* Complete the pedestrian bridge and other works on time.
* Light and sound show should be attractive.
* After Mahakal Darshan, devotees and tourists stay for a day or two to visit other places, such      arrangements should be made.
* There should be necessary facilities at Sandipani Ashram, Kaal Bhairav ​​and other temples.
* Beautification works of Ramghat should be completed.
* Light up the houses with lamps on Mahashivratri. Ensure public participation in this.
* After the completion of the works of the first phase, the work of completing the works of the second phase should be done at a fast pace.
* Keeping in mind Simhastha 2028, works of lasting importance should also be done.

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