Kamal Nath government to form a tough law on mob lynching, know what?

Jun 27 2019 08:42 AM
Kamal Nath government to form a tough law on mob lynching, know what?

Today, mob lynching has become a major issue and now the Madhya Pradesh government is going to enact a stringent law to stop mob lynching in the name of cows. Yes, the Act will take strong action against those who indulge in violence by calling themselves cow vigilantes and the government inplans to introduce and pass the amended bill in the Monsoon Session of the Legislative Assembly. If the bill is passed, Madhya Pradesh will have a separate law for such cases.

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What is the law now – The law that is in force in Madhya Pradesh is a complete ban on killing the cows, possessing beef and transporting it. There is no mention of violence or mob lynching in the name of protection of cows.

What the amended law will be like - after the amendment, a person is now going to be punished for slaughter, transporting, possessing or cooperating with beef, or for not committing any violence or harm to the cows.

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The country has had 287 major cases of hate crime from 2009 to 2019, with 98 deaths, while 722 people have been injured. Of all, 59% are Muslims, 14% are Hindus and 15% are Christians, and the highest 28% are attacks in the name of cow protection, 13% attacks on love affair among people of two religions, 9% on religious violence and 29% attacks due to other reasons. On the other hand, in the name of cow protection, the highest number of mob lynching cases have been reported. Since 2014, there have been 125 cases across the country, and 48 deaths have been reported. While 252 people were injured.


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