CM Nitish attacks opposition

Patna: On Monday, on bihar CM Nitish Kumar's opposition question on 'social reform campaign', the CM took a dig at what he would say about it if no one was aware of social reforms. He said that it does not make any sense to him who is speaking. Talking to media in Patna on Monday, the CM said that by conducting a social reform drive, we want de-addiction, we want the dowry system to be abolished, child marriage should be relieved.

The CM said, "We have done a lot of work to meet the needs of the poor people from the village to the city. You will also know how many people from the poor erased it. On the question raised by the Opposition on the social reform drive, he further said, "If no one is aware of social reform, what will he say about it. Development work is already taking place. How much work is being done to get rid of the disaster, whether it is flood relief or drought. Development work has been done in every field. '

He said the campaign for social reform should continue along with development. The CM said that we are moving to 12 places with all the things we have been talking about for social reforms. They will discuss with the women and listen to them and make their point. All the officers of the districts of the division will be called and reviewed one thing each and will also take full details of the development works. This is not a yatra, it is a social reform campaign. On the question being raised about prohibition, the CM said that all the members of Bihar Assembly and Legislative Council had unanimously passed a resolution on prohibition. All the members had also taken an oath on prohibition. He said there is a need to sensitize the public about prohibition. He said, "No matter how good you do, not everyone will accept it. Some people are the ones who mess up. '

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