CM Shivraj gives immunity booster to children, reveals its benefits

Indore: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that many campaigns are being run in Madhya Pradesh to save children from malnutrition. I call upon all of you to make an important contribution in building a well-nourished society. Swarna Prashan is also very important in saving children from malnutrition. It is one of the 16 sacraments, which are based on scientific basis.

Along with this, CM Shivraj also supplied Swarna Prashan, considered as immunity booster for children, in the nutrition campaign ceremony at Arogya Bharti office in Tulsi Nagar. He told that sages and sages have always worried that if a person wants to be happy then it is necessary to remain healthy. The only effort is that we do not get sick. As a child, honey was also used in our village. Those who were rich used to lick them with a golden spoon. Somebody licked it with a finger. The birth stone also used to get matt. Now it's closed.

He further said, from birth till the age of 16, parents use it in children. Children should not be malnourished, they should be healthy, immunity should be developed in them, this was imagined by India thousands of years ago. On this occasion Dr. Ashok Kumar Bajpai of Arogya Bharti, Ayush Minister of Madhya Pradesh Ram Kishore Kanwre, Bhopal Metropolitan President Dr. Abhijit Deshmukh were also present.

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