CM Shivraj got the support of superstar Akshay Kumar, know what is the whole matter?

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan is going to make a unique start today. He will take to the streets of the state with a hand cart and collect toys and other items for the Anganwadis of the state. CM Chouhan will start this campaign from Ashoka Garden in the capital today. At the same time, his campaign has also got the support of film actor Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar has also tweeted about this.

It is worth mentioning that CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan is going out with a hand cart for toys and other things of children's use for the Anganwadis of the state. He tweeted this afternoon that the all-round development of the children of the state is the responsibility of all of us. Shivraj further wrote that today I will go out on the roads of the state at 5.30 pm and collect the items of use of the children of Anganwadi with public cooperation. It is also an appeal to you to contribute in every possible way in this noble endeavour.

Responding to this tweet of the same CM, film actor Akshay Kumar tweeted. He wrote that Shivraj Chauhan sir, I will be very happy if I can somehow do something for the children of Anganwadi. Akshay Kumar further wrote that this is a great work and I wish you all the best for it. Let us inform that today at 5.30 pm, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan will start the campaign to collect goods from Ashoka Garden, Bhopal. In a tweet regarding this, Shivraj wrote that Anganwadis are the center of children's health, education and culture. Today, I will launch a campaign of material collection for the children of Anganwadis from Ashoka Garden, Bhopal with the help of public.

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