'Identify them and beware of them', CM Shivraj's big message on communal incidents

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has expressed concern over the rising communal incidents, stone-pelting and violent incidents in the last few days. On Monday, CM Shivraj urged the people of the state to build mutual harmony and brotherhood. CM Chouhan gave a big message saying that those who break the society and create a gap between the communities, should be thwarted. People of all religions and castes are our brothers, there is no difference in them.

CM Shivraj further said that nowadays it is being seen that no one is being allowed to sit on a mare in the villages. There are some anti-social elements, who are dividing the society by spreading confusion, recognize them and beware of them, do not fall prey to them and do not let anyone. Why should it be a matter of Dalits, non-Dalits, Dalits are also their brothers and non-Dalits are also their own. Look, loved ones will come and go, but the society is going to live here, but if a gap is created in it, then it is fatal for the society.

In the end, Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that my only point is that there should be a social campaign and in the village to village where such things happen, meetings should be held so that this kind of an atmosphere is not created. There shouldn't even be provocative things. The administration and the people's representatives should hold meetings with both sides to build mutual harmony and explain. If there is a little conversation, people will understand, then these incidents will stop. 

Polling for Haryana municipal elections on June 19, results will come on 22.

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