'Nimar people are durable not for sell,' said Shivraj in Khandwa

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached Khandwa last Monday. In fact, he has gone to Punasa, Khandwa in support of BJP candidate from Lok Sabha Dnyaneshwar Patil. He addressed an election rally here and during this time he targeted Congress. He said, "There is nothing left in the Congress now. Rahul Gandhi in Delhi and Kamal Nath in MP are left. Rahul Baba settled the government of Captain Saheb, who was running well in Punjab. Diggi Raja (Digvijaya Singh) used to say that elections are won by management and not by work. The management Diggs divided the state and Kamal Nath Ji always cried for lack of money in the name of work. Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh do not manage their homes and if someone leaves the Congress and comes to the BJP, they say it is sold out. Let them understand that no one was born who could buy Nimr's son. The people here are durable not for sale.''

At the same time, he also said, "It was the resolve of Nandu Bhaiya, the beloved leader of all of us, to reach every area of Nimar with water from village to village. Our BJP Government is constantly working for it and water is reaching every field. Through the Tap Water Scheme, the entire state's villages will be provided with pipelines and treatment plants to door-to-door drinking water taps. My sisters and daughters will no longer have to go to the hand pump to fill the water, the BJP government is delivering water from the house to house.''

He further said, "When Diggi Raja was the Chief Minister, the local people demanded that the lift irrigation plan be approved at Punasa, and Diggi Raja had said impossible. It can't happen, don't talk nonsense.'' He had categorically refused. This is what my sisters and brothers, the Congress and the BJP, think. You just imagine that there was a Government of the Congress that ruled for years but has always cheated the farmers. Later, when I became the Chief Minister, Nandu Bhaiya brought me to Punasa, then I came to the same place, I became your Chief Minister, laid the foundation stone of the Punasa Lift Irrigation Scheme, completed the scheme and dedicated it to the people and gave water to the fields.

Here CM Shivraj also prayed at the feet of Shri Dhuni Wale Dadaji of Khandwa and shared a video of the time. Sharing this video, he wrote, 'Bhaj Lo Dadaji Ka Naam. Bhaj Lo Hariharji Ka Naam. At the feet of Shri Dhuni Wale Dadaji of Khandwa, I pray that you always maintain your grace on all of us.'

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