Coal crisis in Assam like other states of India

Guwahati: In India, the supply of coal has reached a record high with only three days' supply in the stock of coal-fired power plants. Like other states of India, Assam is also facing coal crisis. In a public notice by the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL), it has been stated that "Due to limited coal availability, power generation from thermal generating stations has reduced significantly, the power situation is clearly 'at a critical level'. And power outages/load shedding may be unavoidable. Please use electricity judiciously, energy saving generates energy. Extremely sorry for the inconvenience. Please pay your energy bill on time and we can help you serve you better. Help!"

According to data released by the Indian government, nearly half of the country's 135 coal-fired power plants have reported fuel stocks of less than three days, against federal guidelines that suggest fuel stocks of at least two weeks . Some northern and southern states of India are already facing power shortage. India's capital, New Delhi, is likely to be the next place to be hit by power outages.

 Most importantly, officials have warned that the fuel cannot be restored even during the winter. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has approached the central government requesting more supply of electricity and gas to the power plants that supply power to the capital. The sudden shortage of fuel in India can be attributed to almost negligible import of coal due to rise in global prices. Additionally, the demand for coal from industries has put power producers in trouble.

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