Coconut ash will bring glow in your beauty

Jan 05 2019 12:05 PM
Coconut ash will bring glow in your beauty

This thing is known to all that coconut is very beneficial for our beauty, till date you have used coconut oil, cream and water to refine your beauty, but do you know other than these things Coconut ash is also very beneficial for beauty, by using coconut ashes, not only can your color be fair, but blackness of the elbow, under arms and neck by its use Programming can also be done remotely, you can get it from the name of activated charcoal in the market not at home can also easily create. Let's know the beauty benefits of coconut ashes-

1- To make your color white, first put coconut ashes in a bowl, then add aloe vera gel and honey to it and mix well and then put it on your face, when it becomes dry, with the help of hands Remove the layer from the face, and wash it with cold water. By using it for a few consecutive days your color will become white like milk, you can put it on neck, under arms and elbow in a similar way,

2- Burn the coconut peel to make coconut ash in the house, when it is well drained, put it in a mixer and grind it, and then filter it with a fine filter, then keep it in an airtight box. Give and use

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