Mix camphor in coconut oil and get 5 magic remedies

Aug 21 2019 05:55 PM
Mix camphor in coconut oil and get 5 magic remedies

Coconut oil can overcome many of your troubles by the way, but people don't know its benefits. It is extremely beneficial for health and skin. But the combination of coconut oil with camphor does not affect any magic. If you have more benefits, add camphor to coconut oil. It also has the benefits of skin, hair benefits and facial discomfort. Let's know its 5 benefits.

* Dandruff - If you are troubled by dandruff in the hair, add a little camphor to the coconut oil and massage it with fingerballs on the scalp. This issue will be solved soon.

* Bushes - You can massage with coconut oil by adding camphor in case of any stains or specks on the skin. This is a great solution for every skin problem.

* Itching - This way affects the skin very soon when itching. Just massage it well on the skin and get rid of all the microscopic bacteria as well as itching.

* Allergy - If you have any allergies on the skin or mix camphor with fungi, coconut oil and paste it in the respective place. Once used, you can see its effect.

* Pimples - Pimples that occur on the skin for any reason can spoil it by spreading it all over the skin. Apply coconut oil and camphor on it and see the effect of the pimples.

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