Coffee Lovers with Sedentary Lifestyles May Live Longer, What Study Shows?
Coffee Lovers with Sedentary Lifestyles May Live Longer, What Study Shows?

A recent study published in BMC Public Health has brought good news for coffee enthusiasts who lead sedentary lifestyles. The research suggests that regular coffee consumption could potentially lower the risk of premature death compared to those who sit for extended periods without drinking coffee.

Conducted among adults in the United States, the study highlights that coffee drinkers who engage in limited physical activity face reduced mortality risks. Specifically, non-coffee drinkers were found to be nearly 1.6 times more likely to die from any cause compared to their coffee-consuming counterparts.

Sedentary behavior is widely known to increase health risks, but the study proposes that coffee's protective properties might counterbalance some of these risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Experts in New Delhi, including doctors from various hospitals, attribute these benefits to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds present in coffee. They recommend moderate coffee consumption as part of a balanced diet, coupled with regular physical exercise and healthy eating habits, to enhance overall well-being.

Dr. Gupta, a healthcare provider in the region, emphasizes that while the benefits of coffee consumption appear promising across different populations, individual factors such as lifestyle choices, dietary patterns, and genetic predispositions can influence health outcomes.

However, caution is advised against excessive coffee intake, which can lead to adverse effects like heightened anxiety, disrupted sleep patterns, and digestive issues. Dr. Mukesh Mehra, director of internal medicine at Max Super Speciality Hospital in Patparganj, suggests that consuming three to four cups of coffee daily can confer health advantages, but it's essential for individuals to assess their personal health conditions and tolerance to caffeine.

The study underscores the potential benefits of coffee in mitigating health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles, providing yet another reason for coffee lovers to savor their daily brew in moderation.

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