VIDEO: Coins grown on capsicum here

A variety of videos and photos go viral on social media day in and day out. Even now a video is doing the rounds on social sites which is shocking people. This video is from the farm which you are going to lose consciousness after watching it. All of you must have seen a lot of vegetables in the fields by now. But have you ever heard or seen coins coming out of a vegetable after cutting it? On hearing this, you will say that it may never have happened. But it has happened.



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Yes! That's true, and proof of this is this video, which you can see here. The video that has surfaced is of cutting capsicum and we are sure that watching this strange video will spoil your mind. Yes, in fact, after cutting this capsicum, coins are coming out of it. You may not be sure to hear but you can watch clearly in the video. In this video, a man is seen in the field. Where there is a lot of capsicum. In the meantime, as soon as the man cuts out this capsicum chilli into two parts, a lot of coins fall from inside it.

Now, you will say that it will happen only with one capsicum, but not in many capsicums. The video is currently doing the same and has been shared on the social media platform Instagram account. You can see this video shared on the filmflix3 page and people are asking to know the art of growing such coins in capsicum.

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