Cold airing AC can make you sick

Jul 04 2019 09:54 PM
Cold airing AC can make you sick

The air of AC in summer gives you arguably the utmost comfort and comfort. But many people use it in cold weather too. But weather is not the same for your health. But do you know how damaging the AC you value in the summer season is harmful to you? Today we're going to tell you how it harms you.

* For AC you always have to keep your windows and doors closed. This does not bring fresh air to your home. The growth of the body in the lack of fresh air stops. Constantly sitting in the AC causes muscle tension and sometimes causes a headache.

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* The temperature of AC is lower than our body temperature. Our body works harder to maintain this temperature and takes more energy to make you feel tired. Sitting in the AC for a long time will keep you tired all the time.

* Research shows that the mucous gland in your body becomes hard because of the time spent on AC. This can cause you trouble like sinuses in the long run.

* Ac air also damages your skin's moisture. This can cause dry skin as well as wrinkles. It also sometimes causes eye irritation, itching and pricking.

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