This is the main difference between Cold-Cough-Fever and Corona infection

These days the number of Covid cases in India is increasing continuously. At present, these cases are increasing rapidly across the country. Like the corona infection, the cases of Omicron are also increasing rapidly. According to the recently revealed report, the positivity rate of Corona has reached 9.28 per cent. At present, there are 4,72,169 active cases of corona in the country. In the midst of these increasing cases, people are still confused in understanding the symptoms of the common cold, influenza Covid.

Even now many people are not able to understand whether they have a common cold or corona infection. Now in the context of the danger of corona, people are also scared of the common cold and cold because they are not aware of the difference between diseases. In such a situation, recently the Department of Pathology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Hyderabad has clearly explained the difference between the common cold, influenza Covid. Today we are going to tell you about the same.

The difference between a normal cold, flu, and coronavirus is this:

1. Dry cough + sneezing i.e. you are getting this because of air pollution.

2. Cough + mucus + sneezing + runny nose - If you complain of all three, you have a normal cold.

3. Cough + Mucus + Sneezing + Runny nose + Body pain + Weakness + Mild fever - If you have all these symptoms together, you are suffering from flu.

4. Dry cough + sneezing + body pain + weakness + high fever + difficulty breathing so you may be infected with the coronavirus.

What are the symptoms of omicron:

* Cough

* Sore throat

* Fever

* Fatigue

* Headache

* Body Pain

* Sneezing

* Diarrhoea

* Runny nose

If so, visit a doctor immediately:-

Shortness of breath.
Drop-in oxygen saturation (SpO2 in room air should be more than 94%).
Persistent pain/pressure feeling in the chest.
Mental confusion or unable to respond.
If symptoms last for more than 3-4 days or worsen.

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