College clerk commits suicide after being accused of obscenity

Godda: In the meanwhile, a number of shocking incidents have been reported from Jharkhand, including one in which a criminal leaped at front of a train on Friday morning after reportedly going public to enrol in a college in Jharkhand's Godda district with his mother. According to Godda Superintendent of Police YS Ramesh, police have also filed a FIR in connection with Godda College clerk Balmukund Dubey's self-pleasure act of leaping in front of a train at approximately 6 a.m.

He further stated that a FIR has been filed and an investigation has begun into a police complaint filed on Thursday evening alleging that Dubey's wife blackmailed a lady who accused her husband of indecent lying on her spouse and extorted Rs 130,000 from him. He said that the police had already filed a FIR against Dubey in the incident based on the woman's treatment, and that the matter was still being investigated, but that the criminal was delighted in the morning.

On Thursday, students at Godda College organised a large demonstration on the college grounds, asking that the criminal clerk be fired and arrested. Then there was a discussion with Prof. Mutunjay Kumar Dubey, the delegation's Principal-in-Charge. The case is being investigated, according to the Superintendent of Police, and a FIR has been filed on both sides' allegations. Only after an inquiry will the truth be revealed.

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