College Drop-out Sarvesh Pancholi Makes His Debut As An Author

May 19 2020 04:46 PM
College Drop-out Sarvesh Pancholi Makes His Debut As An Author

I think being a college drop-out is the NEW COOL because most of the successful public figures are either college drop-outs or school drop-outs. As youngsters, of course, it’s difficult to be ‘Productive’ during this Quarantine period. After all, young age is the age where our success and potential both are at peak. But this lockdown has transformed the potential of young ones into stress, depression and anxiety etc. But, don’t worry, one of the college dropouts, back then, now a Researcher, Online Business Expert and not to forget one of our Nation’s Youngest Entrepreneurs has made his debut as an Author for all those young generations to become ‘AATMA NIRBHAR’ and grab all the ‘AVSARS’ during this WFH stage of our lives. Yes, you all guessed it right! I’m talking about none other than one of India's Leading and most Successful Youngest Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer, Mr. Sarvesh Pancholi.

In one of his interviews, Sarvesh mentioned that he often comes across this one particular question which goes, ‘How to become an Online Influencer ?’ For all those young age people eagerly anticipating for this question to be answered, here it goes. Sarvesh Pancholi, who almost brought a Revolution for Digital platforms, answers  your most asked questions through his book. Yes, he has made his debut as an Author. He has published a book titled ‘ 5 Powerful Ways To Become An Online Influencer’. Trust me, this book is a Mentor in itself for you all and this is going to wipe off all your myths and queries. This book is published by Mr. Sarvesh Pancholi on May 13, 2020 and is easily available on Amazon as well as his official website If we briefly talk about his journey, he was an Influencer right from the beginning. Inspite being a college dropout he has done an amazing research on ‘Social Media and it’s Techniques’ and also successfully running his Digital Empire as an Online Business Expert. As far as, I’ve known him and studied about him, he’s currently running a bunch of Digital Marketing Training Center named ‘DigiHakk’ in Udaipur, Indore and Ahmedabad for all those young aspirants who wish to learn and pursue their career in ‘Digital Marketing’.

As we all are familiar, 21 century is all about BEING DIGITAL and the Digital Guide, as mentioned in the title, himself presents to you all his book which is the complete answer to all your doubts and queries, what else you young age nation-builders require then ? Let me elaborate with an instance of the current scenario, that is, nearly 50 days of lockdown or quarantine. At a young age, every individual dreams of establishing his/her position or designation in the society and workplace. But this lockdown has locked down their aspirations. But, don’t you guys worry, because all the Digital platforms are always open for each one of you.

Now the question arises, How and Which digital platform to use ? Your ‘n’ number of questions are going to be clarified directly by Sarvesh. He’s always and easily available on all his official social media handles.  For all those young aspirants who consider digital platforms as their Learning Hub or Profession, trust me, you all have got the best guide in the world, Mr. Sarvesh Pancholi, I think he doesn’t even require an introduction now. In a nutshell, to mark your presence on digital grounds, all you people need is this book ‘5 Powerful Ways To Become An Online Influencer’. This book is a Gem for you all who are in search of opportunities, regardless of their age, qualification and occupation.

At last, Stay Safe, Stay at Home and switch on your WFH mode.

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