College Dropout Yogesh Rao Is Reaching New Heights As A Professional Email Marketeer

The future of marketing lies in the hands of proper digitisation and innovation. If not, tactics of the days gone by would never be able to cope up with the new world, predominantly because the mediums for traditional marketing as we have known it for all these years are now slowly disappearing into oblivion. This is why in these times we have seen a surge in digital marketing techniques such as social media marketing email marketing and the likes. One such pioneer in the field of email marketing for the Indian subcontinent is Yogesh Rao. 

Born and brought up as an Indian citizen Yogesh Rao comes from a financially unstable background and had a lot of ups and downs in life due to such money matters. However, now he is living in Dubai and even runs his own business from there, earning over 100 thousand dollars in a month. So, what is the secret behind his phenomenal and rapid success? The answer lies in email marketing. Not everybody can make a career out of this though. Yogesh Rao has not only understood the basics of email marketing properly but has also applied his own twist to it and has added his personal wit and charm into his work. This ability to innovate and better an already popular concept into something which is still attractive and new is what has worked out so well for Yogesh Rao. Apart from this, his optimistic and outgoing personality has come through in other aspects of maintaining a business as well. He knows that several people might be thinking the same thing as him, however in the end we often see that out of 10 people only become successful in life. Now, why is that? This is because people take their failures too early on and are not willing to rise back up from them.

Yogesh Rao had to face several hurdles in his life even before he started out his career as an entrepreneur. As a child, he had many dreams to be a renowned name in this world. However, he was also aware that education was the way to do that. It was one of the best days in his life when he got accepted into a good college and was ready to begin a new chapter in his life. However, as we know fate never allows you to do what you hope for. His new life came to a sudden halt when Rao’s family could no longer support his education and so he had to drop out of college. Although this was a huge personal and professional setback for young Yogesh Rao, he did not let it be real for him from his original goal and instead chose to march on with or without a college degree.

After doing some courses which explain what marketing was and how email marketing in particular works, Yogesh Rao set out on his own journey as an email marketer. Today he is an expert in it and has worked with several clients- understanding that demands and personalizing them accordingly. Yogesh Rao is an inspiration to many and hopes to influence all those who wish to do something with their life irrespective of the hardships they are currently facing.

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