Colonel Santosh Babu, who is martyred in Galvan Valley, will be honored with 'Mahavir Chakra'.

Jan 27 2021 10:08 PM
Colonel Santosh Babu, who is martyred in Galvan Valley, will be honored with 'Mahavir Chakra'.

Hyderabad: Bravery Awards will be announced on January 26 every year. This time, Mahavir Chakra Bravery Award will be given to Colonel Santosh Babu after death. The second highest war-time bravery award will be given to Mahavir Chakra after the death of Colonel Santosh Babu of Telangana, who sacrificed his life in the Galvan Valley dispute with China last year.

The Indian Army recommended the name of Colonel Santosh Babu for this honour. This is the first time that yudhvir bravery award 'Mahavir Chakra' has been given to anyone after the Kargil War.

Last year, on the night of June 15-16, 20 Indian Army personnel, including colonel, were killed in a dispute at the ALC in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh. Colonel Santosh Babu of Telangana is the commanding officer of the 16th Bihar Regiment. Many soldiers who fought fiercely against the Chinese army in the Galvanvalley dispute will receive the Shaurya Award.

Colonel B.B. Santosh Babu is leading the discussions on the Chinese side, but he has become a martyr in violence in the Galvan Valley. Earlier, he led several meetings to ease the tension.

In 2020, on that night, when the Chinese army did not back down as scheduled, Colonel Babu himself went to talk to them. At the same time, he acted on china side, and later indian soldiers also responded. It incited violence from both sides. The stones and the sticks were gone. Many people were injured on both sides. In this clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers, 20 soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were martyred.

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